Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Sunday, November 8, 2009

OMA Winter Nationals Round 1

November 8, 2009

Hanging Limb, TN

The first round of the new OMA Winter Nationals Series was in Hanging Limb, Tennessee. The new series is an addition to Bill Guesses OMA National Series. It is centered in the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama area. The early November day was in the 60's and very clear.

Being a harescramble it is set up on a 2 hour plus 1 lap format. The course was set up fairly fast, with a lot of fast logging road sections that transferred into rolling hills and some technical woods. It was a really good mix of terrain.

The afternoon race started at 1pm. The Light B and Heavy B classes were combined on the start. The flag flew and I hammered into the first corner getting a mid-pack start. The first mile was very fast and dusty. As I crested a small hill, the bike hit a large rock and I found myself on the ground. After coming to my senses, I realized that my goggles were missing and the handlebars and exhaust were bent. Finishing the lap I tried to adjust the bike. I remounted and put in another lap, but the bike was too mangled to push. I then retired from the event.

After an unsatisfying day on the trail I tried to quickly put it behind me. Even after such a horrible showing I'm thankful for the support of great sponsors: My parents, my girlfriend Jordan, Clay Hedgepath, Mark Kariya, KTM, KTM Powerwear, KTM Powerparts, Rekluse, Ride, Clockwork KTM , Cycra, Shock Doctor, Dunlop, Motorex, Trace Bikes, and FAHQ/Black Rainbow.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

SERA Gobbler Getter

November 1, 2009

Maplesville, AL

The SERA Enduro series rolled into the historic Reynolds Pasture for the 10th and final round of the 2009 series. Coming into the final round I had already wrapped up the 250 B Championship and was in a good position to win the Overall B Championship. The first day of November brought cool temperatures and overcast skies to the central Alabama area. I was placed on row 37 with fellow KTM support rider Carston Cagle, and I was really excited about this race after wrapping up my Overall C Championship here in 2006 as well. I just hoped some of that luck would be here again for me.

The race began with a 14 mile test section right off the start. I felt decent but, it took me a while to get into a groove in the sandy and rooty Alabama terrain. This section was pretty flowing and fast with a combination of hare scramble trails and some single track. I made it out of the section with a decent score and nothing broken so I was happy. The second section was more of what the Gobbler Getter is known for,fun and tight flowing trail. I was getting faster now as I settled down and found a rhythm. Near the end of the section I was decending a hill and suddenly found myself getting acquainted with a tree. When I got up and took off I realized I had no rear brakes. Luckily I was only 2 miles from the end of that section.

Luckily my parents were at the restart, so I rode down to the van and threw the bike up on the stand. My dad immediately went to work on swapping out the rear brake system. He was given some help from friend and Husaberg support rider John Wiser. They got it all swapped out and I was going again with only a minute and a half to go.

After all the rush, I got tensed up and it took me a while to get going in the third section. But I finally got moving and set a good pace to finish off the tight and twisty section. We had a short reset between the third and fourth section. The fourth section was really fun with a lot of elevation changes. I finished really excited and feeling like I was riding a very good pace. I saw my parents again after that section so I was able to get a quick bite of food and something to drink.

I began the fifth section feeling really well. Less than a mile in I went to make a pass on another rider and found myself buried in a mud hole. I realized the club had placed metal grating in this soft area but I missed it. After almost 10 minutes of tugging and pulling I got my bike unstuck. I remounted and tried to make up time only to get stuck again. By the time I finished the section I was late for the next check in. I was informed that Hunter Walters had dropped out so I decided to quit also. He was the only rider capable of overtaking me in the overall.

What started out as a great ride had turned to disaster. After racing for years you learn that not every race will turn out the way you plan. You also learn that championships aren’t won in a single race. Thankfully I had put together a solid season so that this bad race didn't ruin my championship. I still finished 2nd in 250 B and 10th Overall B for the day.

The 2009 SERA Enduro series has been a really awesome season for me. I feel that I have learned a lot and that my speed is increasing. I ended up winning the 2009 Overall B Championship, 2009 250 B Championship, and finishing 18th Overall. I could of never done this without the amazing support of such great friends, family, amazing girlfriend and sponsors.

I'd like to thank these great sponsors: KTM, KTM Powerwear, KTM Powerwear, Rekluse, Ride, Clockwork KTM, Cycra, Shock Doctor, Motorex, Trace Bikes, and FAHQ/Black Rainbow.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Acadiana Racing

Got a little press on the web this week. Acadiana Racing posted a congratulations to all SERA riders that competed in the National Enduro series. Thanks guys!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

NEPG Indiana

October 4, 2009

Upland, IN

The 10th and final round of the 2009 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series was held in Upland, Indiana. The start was at the Matthews Covered Bridge which had awesome parking and plenty of room. With a cold front settled in and nearly perfect ground conditions, the final round had the makings for an awesome race. I was placed on row 23 with KTM support rider Cole Kirkpatrick, my brother Jeremy Ketchum, Jared Chonko from KTM, and his brother Jason Chonko. After doing some laps on the practice trail on Saturday, I felt that I had my suspension and bike dialed in and ready to go.

Sunday morning we awoke to very cool weather and overcast sky's. Right off the start we crossed the river and took off down the banks on some tight twisty woods trail. We fell in to place behind Cole, with Jeremy leading me out. In the first section we crossed the river multiple times while also riding along the banks. I'm usually a slow starter but I felt like I handled the first section well, staying upright with no major mistakes. After the first section I grabbed something to drink and eat and headed to the start of Section 2. I really liked this trail and got a good jump off the restart and stuck with Jeremy for a while. This section was really cool because it had good twisting trails as well as a super fast corn field crossing. I kept a good pace and felt strong the whole section gaining momentum toward the end. The third section also zig zagged through the woods and flowed really well.

Completing the third section we came back to the parking area for gas. It was fun to relax and catch up on how everybody was doing. Section four after gas was another back and forth tight wooded section. As was Section five that followed. It was a nice and flowing section starting out on a grass track and I was strong throughout. Even though the B cutoff was after the fifth section. I decided to go ahead and ride the sixth and final A section for practice. It was an awesome mix of fast and tight trails ending in an endurocross course. It was my favorite section of the whole event as well as my fastest. I ended up staying with my brother Jeremy from start to finish of the section even leading him part of the way before laying it down near the end.

After all the dust was settled and the scores were tallied I ended up 3rd in 250 B and 7th Overall B. With the season now over the points were settled and I ended the AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series 4th in 250 B. It has been a very up and down season that has taught me so much. I just want to thank everyone who has helped me out along the way. I can't express how much it has been appreciated.

I would like to thank my sponsors and some of my key supporters: My parents, my brother Jeremy, my girlfriend Jordan, Patrick Koether, KTM, KTM Powerwear, KTM Powerparts, Rekluse, Ride, Motorex, Cycra, Clockwork KTM, Trace Bikes, and FAHQ/Black Rainbow.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bone Yard Buddy Race

August 23, 2009
Antioch, TN

With a break in the National Enduro Series, and SERA Enduro Series it is the perfect time to do some fun races. So my brother, Jeremy Ketchum, and I headed 30 minutes from home to do a buddy race. This race was special to me because my girlfriend's dad, Herchel Lovvorn, came to see his first race. He is a huge NASCAR fan so I knew he would love it.

The weather was perfect for a day of racing. Jeremy started for us and when he came around after the first lap, we were in second and had no rear breaks. We were down around 30 seconds. So I took off for my first lap and put my head down and charged. Halfway through the lap I caught the leader and passed him. But after blowing a corner, I moved back behind him. When we made it to the tent, I was right on his rear wheel. We swapped and Jeremy headed out and took care of business putting us back in the lead. I took over and headed out but after hitting the ground in a tunnel found myself having to battle to keep us in the lead. After swapping back and forth, I came into the scoring tent with the lead. Jeremy took that and gave us a little gap and with the other team pitting it gave me some room to breathe. I put in a smooth lap and held a comfortable lead with very few problems.

When I came in for the swap we pitted and fell back to second. Jeremy pushed and got us within 15 seconds and I took over for my final lap and pushed to try to catch up. I didn't get the whole gap but pulled us within four seconds. Jeremy went out for the last lap. He caught the leader in a bottlenecked area but then got hung up himself and pushed through to the finish and slightly fell short. So after 2 hours we were 2nd Overall and 2nd A just seconds off the leader.

We were very happy with a successful and fun day of close racing. Herchel loved it! He couldn't believe how close and eventful the racing was. He is already planning and anticipating his next race.
I would like to thank everyone for their support: my parents, my brother Jeremy, my girlfriend Jordan, her father Herchel, KTM, KTM Powerwear, KTM Powerparts, Rekluse, Ride PG.COM, Clockwork, Motorex, Trace Bikes, FAHQ/ Black Rainbow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome Clockwork KTM

I want to welcome a new sponsor, Clockwork KTM. Clockwork has a selection of aftermarket gastanks for KTM. They carry both screw cap and drybreak tanks. The tanks are a clear plastic and hold 3.3 gallons. Clockwork also has a 3 gallon carbon fiber tank for the KTM. It is also available in both screwcap and drybreak. The tanks are great because unlike other companies tanks, their tanks are very slim. They actually have the same feel as a stock tank while on the bike. To find out more information on Clockwork look them up on the web at or on the phone at (866) 608-5731.